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Tips for a successful appearance

Being there pays off

Establish promising contacts and acquire new orders – use Gulf Coatings Show as a marketing tool. We will bring you closer to your objectives.

Enter into conversation

Gulf Coatings Show provides the perfect setting for getting to know potential customers, clients and business partners from the area of paints. Approach your future projects with a good network and achieve more.

Be a topic of discussion

Leave a good impression: present your company and your products at Gulf Coatings Show. As a first-class industry get-together and spin-off of the European Coatings Show, Gulf Coatings Show is also extremely well-received by the media. Thus, your innovations will receive the attention that they deserve.

Special Tips for exhibiting in the Emirates

The UAE is a cosmopolitan country and international business hub that welcomes people from all backgrounds. But there are also regional customs and traditions in the UAE. The locals appreciate it very much when these are understood and respected.

  • Personal contacts are of paramount importance in Emirati culture. Therefore, friendships are often developed before the relationship reaches a professional level. In the business world, it is also not uncommon to use your connections.

  • Never lose patience in business negotiations: postponements are usually a test of patience. Impatience is considered a sign of weakness.

  • Loud sneezing and blowing your nose is considered impolite. Better: Pull up or go to the toilet.

  • Okay sign: Refrain from using the sign where the thumb and index finger are formed into a circle. It is considered obscene.

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