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Review: accredited Short Courses 2022 




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Short Courses brought to you by International Experts 


Participants of Gulf Coatings Conference 2022 could benefit from courses of 90 minutes duration covering a variety of current coatings topics. 


International experts have taught the basics, explained current professional practices and answered individual questions during these interactive sessions.


Additionally, new innovations were discussed and highlighted with application examples explained. 


All participants who attended the session in its entirety received a certificate accredited by Vincentz Network. 

Free of Charge

Face to Face

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Improve Applied Hiding by Focussing on Rheology

by Mukund Gogte from Ashland Specialty Ingredients

This course addressed the rising cost and short supply of titanium dioxide which have generated renewed interest in improving hiding in latex paints.

The industry focusses on improving intrinsic hiding however ignores the fact that applied hiding is an area they can improve and optimize costs.




Particle Size of TiO  Pigment in Dispersion and in a Powder


by Thomas Koch (Bruno Domnick, Sven Böhm, Ralf Theissmann and Norbert Bendzko) from Research Services KRONOS INTERNATIONAL


TiO  as white pigment exists since 1821 and was used from painting artists first. Since the 1870-ies the pigment could be produced in kg units and was used for special expensive coatings like battleships. In 1906 and 1907 the industrial sulfate process was invented, and the white pigment held entry into almost all parts of human life.




Introduction to Architectural Coatings Technology


by Peter Collins from Peter Collins Coatings Consultancy

This course was an introductory level lecture on architectural coatings technology. We briefly looked at different types of architectural paint, reviewed their raw material components, considered how these products are formulated and finally saw how they are manufactured and tested to assure product quality.




How to master colour accuracy in paints and coatings


by Darryl Gregory from XRite

This course introduced the audience to the fundamentals of colour measurement and appearance assessments using spectrophotometers, software and controlled lighting environments. In addition, we reviewed the the relevant aspects of getting a proper tolerance set, communicating colour specifications accurately throughout the supply chain and ensuring ongoing colour consistency for paints and coatings production



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