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Free of charge networking assistance


Matchmaking Zone

You know exactly which exhibitor you want to meet and and you want to make sure to actually encounter on site? Use our free of charge Matchmaking offer and get a settled appointment at the Gulf Coatings Show. Click the button  below and send us a message with the exhibitor´s name you wish to meet and the day you will be attending the Gulf Coatings Show. We will arrange the meeting for you, so you can meet the exact right partner. We will provide you with a space at our special Matchmaking Zone where you can enjoy privacy and comfort for the successful business meeting.

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Meet the speaker

The Gulf Coatings Show Conference is a central part of the Show. The Conference Speakers will share their deep scientific knowledge with audience during the first two days of the Show. Surely, you can ask your questions to the presentations right after the speeches. What can you do if you have a very specific question or a business proposal for one of the speakers? Contact us and we will help you to arrange a meeting with a speaker at our comfortably equipped Matchmaking Zone for your private conversation

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Hosted Buyer Programme

With the support of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry, pre-qualified, fully hosted buyers and specifiers from around the Middle East attending Gulf Coatings Show with the purpose of sourcing new products, meeting with suppliers and developing new business.

For Exhibitors 

All exhibitors can use special form in the Exhibitor Manual to nominate hosted buyers. Do you have a visitor in mind you would like to meet and get to know at the Gulf Coatings Show? Fill out the form and we will use our huge network to make a meeting possible.


For Hosted Buyers

If you are interested in applying to become a Hosted Buyer by yourself at Gulf Coatings Show, please click on the button below to fill out an application form. 

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