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About the Conference

The Conference at the Gulf Coatings Show will cover the entire spectrum of coatings technology. Speakers from top-notch companies from the Middle East, Europe, America and Asia will present new technology developments to inspire innovation, drive product quality and enhance efficiency.

Carefully curated from a global network of coatings experts, the presentations will focus on modern technologies: environmentally friendly formulations, functional coatings, nano-technology, formaldehyde-free formulations, sustainability, renewable raw material feedstocks and similar mega-trends.

In line with the event`s guarantee to provide high-quality business and technology insights for the Middle East, the speakers will gear their insights towards regional requirements and market specifics: protective coatings, waterborne coatings, wood coatings, coatings for infrastructure, concrete and metal coatings, flooring, abrasionresistance, mechanically-robust architectural paints, anti-microbial coatings and optimizing TiO2.

Also, exclusive presentations on the regional market dynamics, perspectives and opportunities will set the stage for the Conference. Attendees will benefit from detailed insights and key statistics on the vibrant Middle East region.

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